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President’s Message

On behalf of the Southern Epilepsy and EEG Society, it is my privilege to welcome you to join us at our upcoming annual meeting planned for February 24-26, 2023. The Southern Epilepsy and EEG Society has a long tradition of delivering an intimate forum for learning and exchanging the latest advances in the field of epilepsy. During our upcoming meeting, we will cover several innovative topics including; medications in epilepsy, SEEG in epilepsy, pediatric epilepsy, and innovative approaches to epilepsy care. Additionally, we will host lively debates and discussions as well as a special fellows’ forum.

We have decided to have a hybrid meeting. We thrive to provide you an exceptional educational experience at our upcoming meeting and I look forward to your attendance in a truly memorable event.

Abdulrahman Alwaki, MD
Assistant Professor of Neurology
Divisions of Epilepsy & Clinical Neurophysiology
Emory University School of Medicine